Guildford Festival of Dance

The Guildford Festival of Dance has been running for some 20 years, and is organized by Jeannie Day.

We started as a small novice festival as we felt that this would encourage children to have confidence and belief in themselves, giving them the tools to go forward and enter the open sections. The novice festival is usually only one day and is very well thought of.

We believe we truly are celebrating a festival of dance and we are confident that the children who enter enjoy their time with us and take away happy memories to last a lifetime.

We have quite a large open festival usually running over 5 days.

We have a strong committee of men and women who are dedicated to making sure that the festival is run smoothly, efficiently and as professionally as one would expect. Along with this we hope that we maintain a warm, friendly and disciplined atmosphere.

We take a wide range of schools who from the first time they have entered continue to support us year after year. We run a really good canteen as we feel when you are here all day it is nice to be able to enjoy some refreshments away from the hustle and bustle. All of our helpers are CRB checked and have attended child protection courses.

Closing date for entries: Now Closed

We regret that late entries cannot be accepted.

Forms for the 2018 Festival are available for download; sent out as normal for participating schools.

New enquiries: please send your details to:

We are confident that we are doing the absolute best for our children.

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General Rules


  1. The Guildford Festival’s child protection policy sent with all the entries forms must be signed and returned with your festival entries. Without this form we are unable to accept your entries.

  2. Fees must accompany entry forms with names of competitors en bloc from the teacher.

  3. Strictly no fees will be refundable unless in very exceptional circumstances and after discussion with the committee.

  4. The competition is for amateurs and students who do not derive the main part of their income from professional work.

  5. Candidates may only enter once in any solo section.

  6. In duets, trios and quartets candidates can enter more than once with the same partner providing there is a change of subject.

  7. Pointe work is not permitted in any novice section and in A and B in the open sections.

  8. A competitor’s age is the age that they are on the 1st September 2017

  9. In duets, trios, quartets and groups the age of the oldest competitor determines the age group and the section to be entered.

  10. Timing must be strictly adhered to. A bell may be used to signify the time limit. The dancer must stop and leave the stage if this is heard.

  11. When entering groups and troupes please write descriptive titles on the entry form. These sections can be split at the organisers discretion.

  12. The organisers reserve the right to change, alter or combine parts of the programme as necessary. In these circumstances the combined sections will be adjudicated separately.

  13. The running order will not be changed. Should candidates fail to appear at their specified time, their entry will be forfeited.

  14. Only competitors and teachers are allowed side stage.

  15. Only teachers that have submitted an up to date DBS to the festival organiser will be allowed side stage and must wear a name badge.

  16. The organiser requires the names of teachers /helpers who would like to be side stage  to send their names with their entries. This will enable the organiser to compile a list of side stage personnel. Arrange badges and check DBS’s . The badge will be issued once the DBS is checked. Without the badge the teacher/helper will not be allowed side stage.

  17. Guildford Festival cannot offer any guarantee as to the day or time at which a section may be presented. Once the final programme has been drawn up, it must be strictly adhered to.

  18. Piano and instrumental music must be used for Ballet and song and dance solos, duets, trios etc.

  19. Character and Geek may have the spoken words (no singing)

  20. Singing and spoken word in National is allowed according to the authenticity of the country.

  21. Lyrical, Modern and Cabaret Troupes have a freedom of choice for music.

  22. The Guildford Festival does not accept responsibility for the infringement of copyright. The Guildford Festival holds its own license to cover payments for fees for the use of recorded music.

  23. Teachers and chorographers are responsible for their own license.

  24. Title of National, Character and Greek must be clearly written on the entry form.

  25. Video recording and the taking of photos is strictly forbidden, apart from the official photographer who may be booked for the festival.

  26. Guildford Festival accepts no liability for any Items lost or stolen during the run of this festival.

  27. Birth Certificates may be asked for should  the need arise.

  28. Certificates   must becollected during the lunch break or at the end of the day. Only teachers or an assistant teacher may collect them.

  29. A parent or teacher must sign their name and the school they belong to, before they can collect the trophy. The trophy must be returned on the first day of the festival in good clean condition.

  30. There will be a charge of £20 for missing trophies.

  31. Students wearing jewellery will be penalised.

  32. A novice dancer is a dancer who has never gained a 1st or 2nd place in any festival reaching 83 marks. Therefore a novice dancer with a 1st / 2nd place with less than 83 marks can still enter the novice festival with that subject.

  33.  A dancer cannot enter the novice festival and the open festival.

  34. In the baby novice sections, babies are allowed to start again if they have forgotten their dance.

  35. In novice duets both students must be of novice status.

  36. In novice trios two out of three must be of novice status

  37. In novice groups 75% must be of novice status

  38. A baby progressing to class A can still be of Novice status regardless of marks in the baby sections

  39. The organisers reserve the right to run early due to candidates not turning up etc. Therefore competitors are advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

  40. The Adjudicators decision is final. Under no circumstances are competitors or parents allowed to approach the Adjudicator.

  41. The only media used at this festival is CD (compact disk)

  42. The organisers are unable to accept any responsibility for injury sustained by competitors or the public whilst on The Guildford Festival premises.

  43. Please make sure we have the date of birth for each child entering a group number. This will avoid confusion after the programme has been sent out.

  44. Please make sure all CDs are clearly marked and handed in at the CD desk at least 2 sections before your performance.